You are not special.

This past week I’ve had the same conversation 3 times so I felt it was necessary to share this message with a broader audience. You are not special. Now don’t take that the wrong way. You are special because of all the unique characteristics that make you awesome. What I mean is that when you are having a bad day, or you are having a rough time dealing with something, don’t for one second think you are the only one dealing with stuff. We are human, we are all imperfect. We all go everyday carrying the stresses of our lives. What you need to realize is that having a pity party for yourself is not going to help the situation. You need to acknowledge the issue, and plan your attack to overcome. Feeling sorry for yourself only adds to the stress.

Here in 2017 this carries even more weight. We live in a society where kids are growing up entitled. Everyone gets a trophy and no one gets a failing grade. When every kid gets a trophy, the actually achievement of earning a trophy is gone. When you don’t have to worry about failing, why put in the effort to pass? Older generations want to blame millennials for everything and millennials want to blame their parents and society for their problems. Guess what? Get over it. Everyone, just get over it.

This is not an attack on anyone for having feelings or for having legitimate problems. I understand there are some truly difficult things that we all deal with. But thats the thing, we all have them. I love adversity. Adversity is an opportunity. An opportunity for growth. Embrace your struggles, your hardships, your shortcomings, for they are showing you a path for improvement.

This is where CrossFit comes in. Along our personal journeys towards improved health and fitness, we will encounter many obstacles. Identify the obstacle, make a plan, attack the plan. No one can do it for you but we are all here to support you along the way. That is what truly makes the CrossFit community so unique. We all understand the struggle because we have all been there too. You are not special.


The 2017 CrossFit Games Open


The Open is upon us. What is the Open? Every winter, the CrossFit Games season begins with the first stage of competition. We call this the Open. This year the first of five workouts is announced on Thursday February 23rd at 8pm. This happens every Thursday for five total weeks. Once announced, every CrossFit athlete in the world has until Monday evening to complete the workout for that week and submit their scores to

“But I’m not training to go to the CrossFit Games.”

Of course! But, you are training to become the best version of yourself and that process involves competing with yourself daily. Why not add another level of accountability? The Open is announced with RX and scaled standards, along with age divisions that will help you workout at a pace and level that is appropriate for you! Once you enter your scores, you will be able to see your name on the same leaderboard with the best fitness athletes in the world. Its a great way to stay motivated!¬†Every Friday, the day after the workout is announced, the WOD will be the open workout! So you will be doing it anyway, might as well join in the fun officially! That brings me to our event called “Friday Night Lights.”

FNL will be a little different than normal classes. For week 1, Lululemon and Nooma will be on site with some surprises. Don’t worry, they will be participating too, I can’t let them just watch. We will go over the workout description and go over tips to get through the workout. Since the turnout is usually pretty big we will have heats and judges for each athlete! This should add to your experience and will give you the opportunity to encourage your friends through the workout. This is what makes CrossFit so special. There is no community like ours. Everyone genuinely wants to see you succeed. You will have unbelievable support from your gym. We got you.

Last year we divided everyone into two teams. The Red Team and Black Team. I plan on doing the same thing once registration is complete. Your score will help your team. There will be a special prize for the winning team at the end of the 5 weeks. Ill have more information on this as we get closer to week 1!

Now, its time to sign up. Head over to and make it official. Make a commitment to yourself. You can do this. Ill be right there doing it along with you.