CrossFit Roaster Barbell takes on Wodapalooza!

Every January thousands of athletes and spectators make their way to Bayfront Park in downtown Miami, Florida for one of the biggest fitness festivals in the world, Wodapalooza! Hosted by Peak360 CrossFit and founder Guido Trinidad, Wodapalooza is the unofficial start of the 2018 competitive CrossFit season. Over the course of 4 days, individual athletes and teams take on 9 workouts as well as a weightlifting face-off and various other activities for spectators to get involved with. Wodapalooza is a truly inclusive event, with divisions spanning all ages divisions as well as adaptive, and teen divisions.

This weekend, CrossFit Roaster Barbell had 4 athletes participate. Our women’s team was made up of Kasey Reis, Suzi Cancar, and Rachel Price who competed under the name Bar Slammin’ Babes in the intermediate women’s division. We couldn’t be more proud of their effort and attitude all weekend. Their best performance was the “Wreck Bag Mile” where they each carried a sandbag for a mile. They ran away with 2nd place in the event . They also had a strong finish in the “PowerDot 7k” taking 5th place overall. 3 days and 9 events later, our women claimed 14th overall out of the 36 teams in their division.

Our 4th athlete, Michael Reis, a member of team “Bros to Bar” had a spectacular weekend. Michael and his team finished 8 of 9 events in the top 10 with their best finish in the “Barbell for Boobs Finale” which was 70 thrusters at 105# as well as some 15′ rope climbs and bar facing burpees when transitioning a new athlete to the floor. At the conclusion of the weekend, Michael and his team stood atop the 2018 Wodapalooza podium, taking 1st overall in their division!

Wodapalooza 2018 was definitely a memorable experience for all athletes involved. Big thanks to Carly Senko, Michelle Seghi, Ben Price, and Patti Seghi  for making the trip to Miami to show their support!

-Coach Pete

The Most Powerful Tool, that is also your Enemy

In training we use a variety of tools to reach our goals. We utilize various equipment, use specific training modalities, and eat specific foods. However, one tool we often overlook is the most powerful, and useful tool of them all: Your Mind.

Your mind can also be your worst enemy. Just like you train your body to perform, you need to train your mind to perform. If you don’t train how you think, your mind can be the difference between progress and regression. One of the biggest issues that athletes struggle with is self doubt and negativity. They think, “This is hard,” or “I can’t do that.”

We put countless hours into our physical training. Equal amounts of time should be put into honing our mental game. The mind controls the body, right? You may have all the physical tools needed to be successful but if you enter a workout with a bad mentality, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

One of the characteristics of CrossFit training is that we train in adverse conditions. Your heart rate is through the roof, your muscles and lungs burn, and your mind is going a thousand miles an hour. In this moment, you have to make hundreds of small decisions. Your mental game is going to influence what decisions you make.

Keep your head in the game. Remember all those moments you thought you would never make it though? Well, here you are, still kicking ass and fighting for your fitness.

Your mind is your most powerful tool, or it can be your worst enemy. The choice is yours!

-Coach Pete