Member Spotlight: Dan Cronin

From Coach Pete:
Dan Cronin is one of the hardest working individuals to ever step foot in CrossFit Roaster Barbell. Since I was a young kid I have always been around athletics and Dan has proven to be one of the best, he is truly a special athlete. He has been able to separate himself from the pack because of his physical abilities. But what makes Dan special is not his ability to exercise fast, he has shown great maturity, generosity, and humbleness to everyone he meets. To me, this is far more important than his ability to exercise really well. At the end of the day, no one remembers your times or lifts. People remember how you made them feel, and Dan makes everyone at Roaster Barbell feel like family. Thank you, Dan!
1) How long have you been a member at Roaster Barbell and what made you begin?
I have been a member at Roaster for about 3 years now. I joined back in the summer of 2017 because I had met Pete and Doug at a CrossFit competition and wanted to train around like-minded individuals. Contextually I was coaching at another box and even had a key to that gym to go in whenever I wanted. Even with that in mind, I opted to pay Pete to let me train with him!
2) What are your training goals?
My primary goal is to stay healthy and stay in shape. Outside of that, I have aspirations to compete as an individual and / or team member at CrossFit Sanctioned events.
3) What has been your biggest accomplishment while training at Roaster Barbell?
My biggest accomplishment while training at Roaster was my top 500 in the world Open Finish in 2019. The atmosphere while doing the workouts and overall encouragement of the gym was electric. I have so much thanks and appreciation for the Roaster Fam.
4) What do you look forward to doing most when we are able to open back up?
Like I alluded to above, I can’t wait to see everyone. It’s not really about the workout equipment or the rig, its about getting to catch-up with friends. It’s been too long.
5) How has the gym affected your life outside of the gym?
The gym community holds me accountable. Therefore, the decisions I make outside of the gym are always weighed against expectations or conversations I had in the gym. Additionally, I think fitness in general has had a positive impact on my mood and outlook on life in general. When I am able to get into the gym and see everyone I tend to be happier outside of it.
6) What is your least favorite gym activity?
My least favorite activity is anything that involves a heavy sandbag. I feel like I can never get a good grip on the thing and I hold my breath which leads to a longgg workout.
7) What is your favorite gym activity?
I love simple CrossFit workouts that test your engine. Whether that be Pete’s “Unfinishable” workouts or those that just require you to continue moving, However, in terms of movements, I can’t get enough double-unders, chest-to-bar, muscle-ups, burpees or rowing.
8) What have you learned at the gym that has been most impactful on your life?
I think a lot of good things can come from hard work and by applying yourself to a goal. I think I learned that changes take time and that nothing is given. In the short-term it may seem like progress is non-existent but when I look back over the years I’ve realized that I really have improved. So, for me, its to not get caught up in the immediate results and trust the process. If you work for it long enough and stay dedicated the results will come.
9) What is the best part about Roaster Barbell and our community?
The people! Every member is unique and has their own back story, but when we come together at the gym we are all united in a common goal. The people really invest in each other too. A lot of relationships are maintained outside of the gym and we truly care about each other’s personal lives; whether that be the birth of a child, getting engaged or buying a new house.
10) What advice would you have for someone who was on the fence about getting started?
I’m paraphrasing, but somebody once told me “You don’t learn to read and then go to school. You go to school to learn to read.” Same thing is true with CrossFit, if you don’t think you are “in-shape enough” to start that’s just not true. CrossFit is for all skill levels and all ages. It is a mechanism for you to improve your health and wellness in a judgement free zone while the community at Roaster will embrace you every step of the way.
11) What has been your biggest obstacle in the gym and what have you done to overcome it?
I think strength has been my biggest obstacle. Over the past few months I’ve been religiously following a strength program to attack it (i.e. squatting / oly lifting in general). My advice would be to identify a weakness or obstacle by asking yourself or with the help of a coach / friend and put a tangible plan in place to accomplish it. I always said I wanted to get stronger but until I had a tangible plan it kind of fell by the wayside. This time is different.
12) Is there anything else you would like to add?
Just that I miss everyone. The conversations I’ve had and experiences I’ve shared with the Roaster community have been some of the most memorable in my life. I truly hope that everyone is staying safe and continuing to find positives in this tough time. I can’t wait for those doors to open again and for all of us to make new memories. I’m looking forward to it!
Thank you for your time today! If you would like to learn more about how you can get started on your journey with us simply email Coach Pete at and lets begin the conversation. We look forward to meeting you!