Member Spotlight: Jenienne Geist

Jenienne’s journey with Roaster Barbell has become one of the most rewarding experiences a trainer could have. Teaching Jenienne the skills to improve her strength and function has opened up a whole new perspective on what CrossFit really is. CrossFit is much more than just high intensity group classes and high level gymnastics and weightlifting. CrossFit can also be 1 on 1 in a much different kind of environment. We use the phrase, “Technique-Consistency-Intensity” when describing the path to improved fitness. 1 on 1 is undoubtedly an effective route to begin learning technique as we build towards earning intensity. Thank you Jenienne for taking the time to effectively describe your journey with Roaster Barbell and we look forward to helping you for years to come!


1) How long have you been a member at Roaster Barbell and what made you begin?

My niece in Detroit is a personal trainer (and a CrossFit member) and as a Christmas gift in 2018 she bought me 4 personal training sessions at CrossFit Roaster Barbell in Berea where I live. After my free sessions were over I was hooked and wanted to continue, so since January of 2019 I have been doing PT with Coach Pete.  

2) What are your training goals?

Until I started at Roaster Barbell, I didn’t have any training goals—just wishes. I wished I were stronger.  I started to notice in my 40s that I was losing my upper body strength and by the time I hit my 60s it was really obvious.  And getting frustrating.

Over the years, I did what a lot of women do — take a yoga class, a few aerobics classes, a body sculpting class….  I bought exercise equipment and videos I didn’t seriously use. But occasional attempts at exercise won’t get you the muscle tone you one day find that you need to get back because you didn’t really work to keep it.  

Thanks to getting started at Roaster Barbell, I have real goals now to develop core strength, muscle and balance.  It is obvious to me that I really need to work at this and that I have found the right place to get it.

3) What has been your biggest accomplishment while training at Roaster Barbell?

Some months into 2019, I turned around and discovered I had actual muscles in my arms and legs that I didn’t have before. To me, this was a big deal and I was delighted. It still spurs me on because I don’t want to lose the gains I’ve made.  

4) What do you look forward to doing most when we are able to open back up?

Just to getting back to the in-person training again.  Self-discipline doesn’t come easy for me and I still need the accountability that having a trainer provides. The virtual training videos are great but nothing beats being at the gym.  Pete doesn’t pamper me – he knows when to push me. 

5) How has the gym affected your life outside of the gym?

It has opened up for me a new focus on my health and fitness that I just wasn’t paying enough attention to before now.  I’m developing a mindset.  I cut out the bakery and take the stairs more. There are so many benefits to strength training for your heart, brain, bone density, etc.  I feel like I’m making an important investment in my health not just for now but for years to come.  

6) What is your least favorite gym activity?

Lunges.  They are challenging for me and I just don’t enjoy them but they are probably what has given me the strength in my legs the fastest.   

7) What is your favorite gym activity?

I like using the rower and the lat pull down machine. And I like trying to hit the mark with the wallballs.  

8) What have you learned at the gym that has been most impactful on your life?

I see what others in the community have accomplished in their training and I want to keep challenging myself and not give up in my own training.

9) What is the best part about CrossFit Roaster Barbell and our community?

Community starts with the coaches.  Pete is great at challenging and encouraging everyone.  From a personal standpoint, Pete has developed training that is geared for me and what he knows I need to be challenged to do.  I might be his oldest trainee but I consider it a privilege to be a part of this very supportive community.

10) What advice would you have for someone who was on the fence about getting started?

The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll begin to reap the benefits of strength training.  I’ve started this training later than most and I know I’ll never qualify for the games, but it has been fun and rewarding — it doesn’t take very long to see real results.

11) Is there anything else you would like to add?

I feel fortunate that I started at the old gym and got to see the exciting transition to the new gym.  CFRB is just a great place to be!




Thank you for taking the time to get to know Jenienne through her Member Spotlight. If you would like to learn how you could become our next success story, just email Coach Pete at and lets begin talking about how Roaster Barbell and help you reach your goals!