Member Spotlight: Kennedy & Dale

From Coach Pete:

Dale is about at OG as one can be when it comes to Roaster Barbell. His desire to improve his own life through fitness is 2nd to none. There is a short list of people I’ve met in life that I would trust full heartedly, and Dale is on that list. His compassion for others, his realistic outlook on the world, as well as his ability to brighten your day, are exactly why Dale is everyone’s favorite guy. His daughter Kennedy has also begun training using our program and our 1 on 1 offering. Kennedy has a way with words and knows just what to say to get you to smile. As much as Roaster Barbell has taught the Smith’s about fitness, I think the Smith’s have taught all of us even more about life, commitment and over coming obstacles. Kennedy, being an adaptive athlete, has always struggled to find common ground in the physical world. The past couple years, she was able to compete alongside the others in our community in the worldwide open. Talk about inspiring! Kennedy’s participation in the open was a great moment for both our community and for Kennedy.

Thank you for being an important part of our community, Dale and Kennedy!



From Dale:

I prioritize training, not because I want to win the old dude category at the #games, instead because it keeps me sane. I care about maintaining my values and this clears my head and allows me to focus on what matters: Family, Health, Relationships, Experiences, and Freedom. When I don’t train, I have stress, which negatively affects me in putting my values first.


From Kennedy:

1 – How has Roaster Barbell impacted your quality of life outside of the gym?

Confidence to be like my peers

Tell my friends at High School

The workouts make life easier and better.  Better focus


2 – What was your exercise background prior to Roaster Barbell?

Special Olympics: basketball, soccer, bowling, golf, track

45 minutes of activity per day (jump on trampoline, go for walk, scooter, etc.)


3 – What has the gym allowed you to do that you never thought you would do? 

Plate hops, Goblet squats, “butt to ball” synced to Moby’s song Flower “bring Sally Up…”, knee-ups, wall balls, The Open, meet peers


4 – How has Roaster Barbell changed you mentally?

Pushing past boundaries


5 – What have you learned about yourself through training with Roaster Barbell?

Roaster Barbell has taught me to be a better learner

I like being pushed to be like Serena, Kasey, and others

I love to talk about my dad’s shenanigans


6 – Why did you start training?

Want to be like my friends and tell them about what I am doing.

To work out with my dad

So I could be like my dad


7 – What is your favorite part of Roaster Barbell?

Talking with everyone

When all the athletes clunk all of the weights “slam bars”

Rower, Coach Pete, talking to anyone and everyone


8 – Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you to my parents and Coach Pete




Thank you for taking the time to get to know Dale and Kennedy through their Member Spotlight. If you would like to learn how you could become our next success story, just email Coach Pete at and lets begin talking about how Roaster Barbell and help you reach your goals!