STEP 1: Intro Training Series – $110 / One Time Payment

New CrossFit members must have three months of CrossFit experience or they must complete the Intro Training Series with Coach Pete in order to join CrossFit classes. The Intro Training Series is a 3 day program which will safely introduce the athlete to the movements that they will see in CrossFit class and how to appropriately modify them to best meet their abilities. These three sessions are 45 min each and are by appointment only. Email Coach Pete at to schedule today!

STEP 2: Month to Month – Coaching – $170 / month

This is our standard membership that will allow an athlete to train at any scheduled CrossFit class, or Open Gym class for the entire month. This membership option is appropriate for any level of athlete from beginner to elite. To be eligible for a Month to Month membership, an athlete must have 3 months of approved experience or have completed the Intro Training Series with Coach Pete. Membership payments will be automatically run on the 1st of every month. If you begin in the middle of the month, your first payment will be prorated and due the day you begin.


Month to Month – Coaching Same Household – $140 / month

Same membership as “Month to Month – Coaching” but with ~20% discount for you and at least 1 other family member from your household.

$280.00 for 2 people (save $60)

$420.00 for 3 people (save $90)

$560.00 for 4 people (save $120)


1 on 1 Personal Training – $ Varies

Personal training is a great way receive next level instruction in a 1 on 1 setting. Personal Training is by appointment only and offers an individualized approach to meeting your goals. You will work closely with an experienced coach who will be with you every step of the way. There is no longterm commitment and we offer various training packages based on quantity of sessions purchased.