Finding Balance in Yoga

Yoga Instructor and CrossFit athlete: Kara Corrigan

If you have taken my yoga class over the last few weeks you have probably noticed an abundance of balancing poses. Cues such as feeling all four corners of your foot and taking up space have been repetitive. Why is this important? Balance on your yoga mat will lead to balance in your life. Most of us, I assume, lead rather hectic life styles, trying to fit work, fitness, family, friends and sleep into our daily lives. At some point it all gets to be overwhelming and we slowly begin to slip here or there, until we reach a breaking point. For me, it happened during test week with a single bad lift. I was disappointed to say the least, skipped the remainder of the week, and quitting crept into my mind.

I reflected that week and realized that I was out of balance. I needed to fix it. For me, it was getting back to a regular yoga practice, making the time for it – not excuses.  I re-committed to my personal practice and in return have found myself performing better and overall, much happier.

When in a balancing pose, if your mind is cluttered, you’re tired or stressed, you will most likely find yourself struggling to hold the pose. If simply being still is a struggle and it’s hard to quiet your mind, you need to pay attention. Listen to your body, it is always telling you something and maybe it is telling you to slow down. Just breathe in, breathe out, and be PRESENT in the current moment, after all, it is the only certain thing.

In the ultra competitive Crossfit world, it is necessary to take time to re-center yourself and find balance. You must take care of yourself- mind, body and spirit-  if you want to succeed. Your body will thank you mentally and physically. I encourage everyone to check out a yoga class, because it is one hour that is totally yours. If yoga is not for you, find something – anything that gives you mental pause and allows you to find balance in the hectic world we live in.

Much Love ~