18.2 /18.2a

Week 2 of the 2018 CrossFit Games Open brought us a two part workout testing our speed as well as our strength. Per usual, The Dave Castro left his fingerprint on this unique workout by making us earn the barbell. If we were unable to complete the dumbbell squat, bar facing burpee couplet, we were not allowed to attempt a 1 rep max clean.


18.2 Top Performers (contributed to the team score)

4:38 Rachel Price

4:46 Doug Cairns

4:52 Dan Cronin

5:43 Suzi Cancar


18.2a Top Performers (contributed to the team score)

325 Pete Taylor

300 Dan Cronin

187 Serena Goode

185 Kasey Reis


Be sure to check out the 18.3 announcement LIVE Thursday March 8, 2018 at 8pm at games.crossfit.com! Also, stop by our Friday Night Lights event as we throw down for 18.3!






The 2018 CrossFit Games season has officially begun, and the dumbbell has made its much anticipated return. Week one of the 2018 Open brought us a 20 min AMRAP made up of toes to bar, hang clean and jerks, and rowing for calories. This unique triplet was the first time a dumbbell hang clean and jerk has been programmed in an open workout. While dealing with a new movement and movement standards can be difficult, the meat of the workout came down to pacing and conditioning. The dumbbell was essentially a non-factor for most athletes.

As always, our community gathered Friday night to throw down on 18.1. The dust has settled and our top performer this week for the women was Kasey Reis with a score of 353. Kasey’s score places her 94th in the Central East region. Kasey is also a 35-39 year old masters athlete, and her score places her 124th worldwide in that division.

On the men’s side of competition, our top performer this week was Doug Cairns with a score of 414. This score puts Doug in 101st place in the Central East region.

The CrossFit Games also has a team division in which we placed 28th out of  241 registered teams in the Central East. The team score is made up of the top two men’s and the top two women’s scores each week. This week the four athletes that contributed to the team score were Doug Cairns (414), Matt Taylor (402), Kasey Reis (353), and Serena Goode (349).

Serena Goode, who is competing in the 16-17 year old Teen Division found herself in 13th place worldwide with her score of 349.

Week 1 was pretty exciting and we have much to be thankful for. 18.2 is hours away from being announced live at games.crossfit.com. Are you ready?!


-Coach Pete

The Most Powerful Tool, that is also your Enemy

In training we use a variety of tools to reach our goals. We utilize various equipment, use specific training modalities, and eat specific foods. However, one tool we often overlook is the most powerful, and useful tool of them all: Your Mind.

Your mind can also be your worst enemy. Just like you train your body to perform, you need to train your mind to perform. If you don’t train how you think, your mind can be the difference between progress and regression. One of the biggest issues that athletes struggle with is self doubt and negativity. They think, “This is hard,” or “I can’t do that.”

We put countless hours into our physical training. Equal amounts of time should be put into honing our mental game. The mind controls the body, right? You may have all the physical tools needed to be successful but if you enter a workout with a bad mentality, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

One of the characteristics of CrossFit training is that we train in adverse conditions. Your heart rate is through the roof, your muscles and lungs burn, and your mind is going a thousand miles an hour. In this moment, you have to make hundreds of small decisions. Your mental game is going to influence what decisions you make.

Keep your head in the game. Remember all those moments you thought you would never make it though? Well, here you are, still kicking ass and fighting for your fitness.

Your mind is your most powerful tool, or it can be your worst enemy. The choice is yours!

-Coach Pete

Finding Balance in Yoga

Yoga Instructor and CrossFit athlete: Kara Corrigan

If you have taken my yoga class over the last few weeks you have probably noticed an abundance of balancing poses. Cues such as feeling all four corners of your foot and taking up space have been repetitive. Why is this important? Balance on your yoga mat will lead to balance in your life. Most of us, I assume, lead rather hectic life styles, trying to fit work, fitness, family, friends and sleep into our daily lives. At some point it all gets to be overwhelming and we slowly begin to slip here or there, until we reach a breaking point. For me, it happened during test week with a single bad lift. I was disappointed to say the least, skipped the remainder of the week, and quitting crept into my mind.

I reflected that week and realized that I was out of balance. I needed to fix it. For me, it was getting back to a regular yoga practice, making the time for it – not excuses.  I re-committed to my personal practice and in return have found myself performing better and overall, much happier.

When in a balancing pose, if your mind is cluttered, you’re tired or stressed, you will most likely find yourself struggling to hold the pose. If simply being still is a struggle and it’s hard to quiet your mind, you need to pay attention. Listen to your body, it is always telling you something and maybe it is telling you to slow down. Just breathe in, breathe out, and be PRESENT in the current moment, after all, it is the only certain thing.

In the ultra competitive Crossfit world, it is necessary to take time to re-center yourself and find balance. You must take care of yourself- mind, body and spirit-  if you want to succeed. Your body will thank you mentally and physically. I encourage everyone to check out a yoga class, because it is one hour that is totally yours. If yoga is not for you, find something – anything that gives you mental pause and allows you to find balance in the hectic world we live in.

Much Love ~