Roaster Spotlight: Clarise Vennitti

From Coach Pete: There couldn’t be a more deserving spotlight. Clarise is a great athlete, a dedicated teammate, and an amazing friend. Our afternoon classes are anchored by her presence and elevated by her character. Her ability to balance hard work with fun is what makes her so enjoyable to have in the gym. Thank you, Clarise, for helping make this community so special.

1) What is your why? What gets you out of bed in the morning? 

My why is to be a better version of myself, each and every day.  In my career and my personal life, there is room for growth, and I strive to always continue to improve.

2) What is your most meaningful goal?

My most meaningful goal is to help others.  I am fortunate working in finance that I get to do that on a daily basis, but there is no better sense of accomplishment knowing that you helped put someone in a better spot in their life.

3) If you could have lunch with anyone ever, who would it be and why?

Warren Buffett – I love the fact that even though he is one of the most successful investors ever, he does so with humility and simplicity. 

4) What is your favorite part of training?

My favorite part of training is getting to workout and compete with others.  The drive and push you get working out in a class environment is incredible, so different from working out alone. 

5) What is your least favorite part of training? 

Gymnastic movements are my weakness, and I hate that I suck at those movements, but I will continue to work on improving them. 

6) What has been your biggest obstacle on your fitness journey?

My biggest obstacle is my competitive drive.  There are times that I should take a step back to better refine a skill, but I’m too stubborn to do so. 

7) What would your ideal day consist of? 

My ideal day would consist of CrossFit, playing golf, hanging out with friends, and my dog Tito. 

8) What is something that no one knows about you?

I’ve been at the same job for 24 years.  I started as an intern in college and never left. 

9) Who is your biggest inspiration? 

My biggest inspirations are my parents.  They shaped me into the person that I am, and always pushed me to be the best that I can be. 

10) What brought you to Roaster Barbell?

I made some changes in life and decided it was time to try a new gym.  Started with a punch card that I quickly went through, and knew right away that I made the best decision coming here. 

11) How has the gym influenced your life outside of the gym? 

The people at Roaster are great.  Besides having the opportunity to workout with amazing people, it’s even better to call them friends. 

12) What advice would you give someone who is on the fence about Roaster Barbell? 

To give it a chance.  I love the fact that there are such a wide variety of age ranges and skill levels at the gym.  In addition, there aren’t many gyms out there that have the equipment that we have at Roaster.  It is very evident that Coach Pete takes great pride in this gym.

13) If you could go anywhere in the world for a day where would you go and why?

Italy – would love to explore my Italian roots.

14) Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you!  It’s awesome to be part of this gym and such a great community.


Thank you for taking the time to get to know Clarise and her journey! If you would like to learn how you could become our next success story, just email Coach Pete at and lets begin talking about how Roaster Barbell and help you reach your goals!