Member Spotlight: Steve Cave

1) How long have you been a member at Roaster Barbell and what made you begin?
I’ve been a member for 4+ years.  I knew Pete when he was a personal trainer at a gym in North Olmsted and we kept in touch during the time that he moved around to different gyms.
2) What are your training goals?
I want to continue to lose weight and conquer my 1st bar muscle-up as well as complete double unders more consistently.
3) What has been your biggest accomplishment while training at Roaster Barbell?
My biggest accomplishment has been not giving up on my goals and coming back to Pete for over four years!
4) What do you look forward to doing most when we are able to open back up?
I look forward to any machine (ie rower), since I don’t have one at my house.  I will not complain when getting on any of them when everything returns to normal!
5) How has the gym affected your life outside of the gym?
The gym has made me realize that my mental and physical health are very important and that it takes a long time, patience and practice to get better.
6) What is your least favorite gym activity?
My least favorite exercises are any gymnastic movements but I want to work even harder to get these under my belt!
7) What is your favorite gym activity?
My favorite exercises in the gym are the weightlifting movements like deadlifts and bench press.
8) What have you learned at the gym that has been most impactful on your life?
The gym has taught me patience.
9) What is the best part about CrossFit Roaster Barbell and our community?
The best part is getting to know so many great people and having them around to give great support even when someone is struggling on an workout.
10) What advice would you have for someone who was on the fence about getting started?
My advice would be to not be afraid. Having a great coach in Pete and a great community makes me want to come back better and stronger!
11) What has been your biggest obstacle to overcome?
My biggest challenge has been my weight.  I have been working hard for the past five months to lose weight to enjoy my life more.
12) Is there anything else you would like to add?
I have lost over 40 lbs since January 2020.  The toughest part was being mentally prepared to change my lifestyle and what I had been eating.  Losing weight has made me feel so much better and giving me more confidence to get back to the gym and conquer all the workouts that I am not good at or that I couldn’t do because of my weight problems.
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