The Open: 2021

Every year, hundreds of thousands of athletes from around the world participate in the largest CrossFit event in the world. We call this event The Open. The Open is the first of multiple stages designed to find the fittest on Earth in multiple divisions. What makes The Open unique is that the participants get to complete the workouts from their Affiliate with their own community and coaches. In 2021, The Open will begin Thursday, March 11th and will last for about three weeks. Every week, the director of The CrossFit Games, Dave Castro, will release a workout or two that must be completed and submitted within a small window if it is to be officially counted.

So what does this mean for the average CrossFitter? With the ultimate goal of The CrossFit Games to find the fittest on Earth, where do you fit into this equation? Thats a great question! At Roaster Barbell, we use The Open as an opportunity to get together, have some fun, and compete against ourselves. The Open is a way of being part of something bigger than ourselves.

For some, The Open is their opportunity to do something they’ve never done before. Things are always impossible, until they’re not. Maybe double unders have been your goat. Or maybe, you’re looking for that extra motivation to get that first pull-up. The Open offers those opportunities and much more.

The Open is inclusive. In recent years CrossFit HQ has made a concerted effort in making The Open accessible to anyone. 2021 will be no different. Just like any CrossFit class in the world, The Open is infinitely scalable meaning anyone, of any ability can throw down with the rest of the world and have some fun in the process.

For some, The Open is their ultimate proving grounds, their Super Bowl of the fitness world. And for some its just another workout of the day and an opportunity to get better. At the end of the day, lets not forget why all of us are involved with CrossFit and fitness in general; we are pursuing improved health and fitness while improving our quality of life. The Open is just another arena for this to take place!

You can learn more and read the 2021 Official Rulebook HERE!

-Coach Pete